Sunday, September 02, 2007

International Rock Flipping day

So today is international rock flipping day and I thought I was gonna be a bit different and take advantage of the fact that I'm the underwater camera using blogger and go flip some tidepool rocks to try and turn up a cool tropical nudi, commensal shrimp, lobster or something. But that probably won't happen (unless the post after this contradicts me, in which case it happened) as I'm busy today soooo I went out yesterday to the rainforest to turn some stuff over and see what I found. I know that was premature but it was already 2nd September in Australia by then so that counts, right? What did I find? Surprisingly little. I was really hoping for vertebrates cos frankly I generally don't have a clue what the terrestrial non-vertebrates are on this island but again no dice. The most interesting finds were instead two inverts I will restrict myself to describing in general terms as:

1) A cricket



2) A giant millipede (that's my finger and I'm an adult male with normal to longish fingers for scale)

giant millipede

Scientific name suggestions gratefully received! Questing through the forest gave us a good excuse to scale the islands highest peak and also gifted us three other great sightings of animals not under rocks; an Antillean Racer, a pair of beautiful Red-tailed hawks and nicest of all national bird tick #74 - a Bridled Quail Dove ambling through the forest. There was also quite a shocking surprise in the form of a number of huge Black Witch moths that had a habit of bursting out of the leaflitter at our feet and scaring the daylights out of us.


Susannah Anderson said...

That's an interesting cricket! The wing covers almost seem to have writing on them.

tai haku said...

Yeah these little guys are weird - very long legs and antenna - I thought he was a whip scorpion when I first turned it over.

Web Hosting Delhi said...

what a big millipede