Monday, June 17, 2013

Pre-flight Duckling Chaos

So last month I went away (hence the abysmal lack of posts) and in so doing there existed a brief half hour of time in which I needed to:
1.get from work to home,
2. de-suit,
3. prep-for-travel,
4. get in a cab and head to the airport.
So you can imagine why I was slightly concerned when between step 1 and step 2 I heard a maniacal and persistent cheeping in the vicinity of my front door.

One of our resident mallards had hatched out ducklings in the vicinity of the house, was leading them along the driveway as I pulled in and as a result was now attempting to herd a load of frightened ducklings off a not unbusy road (to which they had fled in fright at the sound of my car).

The end result? Your hero spent a chunk of the half-hour herding ducklings and nearly missed his flight. Here's some cuteness.

going the wrong way.....again.

climbing the steps. yes that is a drain on the left and yes, yes one did jump in and need fishing out.

too cute to be mad at though right?


Pokeberry Mary said...

Aww so sweet. :) I've been watching 3 goose families in the lake I live on. The babies started to fly finally this week--I was so excited. :)

Dawn said...

Very cute, I love ducklings.