Monday, January 14, 2013

Saffa Reptiles Big and Small

Because my ego knows no bounds something I'm kind of making a tradition in our household is gifting a poster-sized calendar of my photos to each of my parents for their offices each year. Its easy to do using one of the many cool photo printing services online and I suspect many of my readers (almost all of whom are better photographers than I) do something similar.

Anyway this is merely a set-up to the fact that this year's calendar was based on photos from my south african trip of 2011 (OK, I admit it - I subbed in a Sri Lankan leopard cos my african leopard shots are horrible) and my inability to find one of the photos I wanted led me back into my archive for that trip. That led me to these two reptile photos.

This male blue headed agama lounging in the gardens of one of Kruger's rest stop restaurant areas made the calendar.


This monster niloticus did not.

Agamas are one of the most commonly seen reptiles in Africa and elsewhere and the males are invariably wonderfully coloured. Long-time readers may remember me briefly stopping my geek-out over the cycad collection at Fairchild Tropical Gardens to look in on the feral Agama colony living in their rock garden.

Nile Crocodiles will need know introduction. In terms of the scale of this beastie, I really have no idea how big it is but if you assume the "little" one in front is "only" 6 feet (I suspect it's bigger)'ve got a very big croc on your hands.

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