Thursday, November 08, 2012

Geekery about the Salmon Nation part 1.

So I'm just back from a quest to British Columbia where one of the most fascinating ecosystems in the world revolves around the weird sex life of the 5 pacific salmon. The salmon are so key to life on the West Coast of North America that they warrant more than a little geekery. So here they are....


All 5 pacific salmon  are predated whilst migrating to and die after spawning in the rivers so the area gets a massive infusion of nutrients that feeds the bears, eagles, whales and other megafauna in the area as well as ultimately feeding the trees and plants that sustain the ecosystem for the rest of the year. Let's have a look at the 5 species before we get into things a bit further.

Sockeye Salmon

chum salmon

Coho salmon

pink salmon

Spring Salmon aka Chinook Salmon

Now if you're thinking the region is doing well for salmonids at this point bear in mind that there are also 3 native char species in B.C. (lake trout, dolly varden and bull trout) and 3 native trout (the cutthroats, steelheads/rainbows and the kokanee). With this jealousy inspiring primer in place, we'll proceed.

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