Friday, September 28, 2012

The hedgepig stealeth

Since Merriweather was inside, I knew the crunching at the cat bowl wasn't him, having a look I found a big brown lump beside the bowl - a momentary "oh crap. rats!" gave way to a much happier (and more logical) "ah! hedgehog". At which point the hedgehog did something I've never seen one do before - it absolutely gunned it into my pollinator border. Post gallop it sat amongst the verbena still not preferring the standard roll-up.


I took a couple more photos as best I could between the tangled verbena stems and left the little chap to his business.


I've yet to see him/her again but Merry is on increased rations just in case.

1 comment:

Lucy said...

It's funny how cheering we find hedgehogs to be.