Friday, May 25, 2012


 It is always a massive honour to see a wild cat species in the wild, be it big or small. Of course having said that there are times and places where some cats may be expected more than others which is why this jungle cat was both a special surprise but at the same time "not the droid we were looking for".


When we picked the cat up it was prone and I spent at least 20 seconds of my initial scan of the water hole pondering whether I was looking at a bit of drift wood, a small croc or a big(ish) varanid. It was only when our guide said jungle cat that I instantly managed to resolve what I was seeing into a cat. At that point it stood up and gave us a decent show.


These are biggish small cats (about half as big again as an ordinary moggie) and are apparently reasonably common in their habitat. Nonetheless they are a good way from the top of the food chain and understandable secretive so getting good views of one in broad daylight was a treat.


They have surprisingly delicate little faces for a relatively burly cat I think.


He was not the only cat to use that waterhole that week......

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