Monday, February 06, 2012

A first flowering

On Christmas Eve I planted an orchard. Not much of an orchard, just 9 trees but an orchard nonetheless:
Quince "Vranja" X 2
Medlar "Royal" x 1
Asian Pear "Shinseki" X 1
Apricot "Flavourcot" X 1
Crab Apple "Jelly King" X 1
Apple "Laxton's Pearmain" X 1
Apple "Bright Future" X 1 and
Plum "Guinevere" X 1

A mix of new varieties and ancient ones, 6 different species, cultivars hailing from at least 3 different continents. Should be enough to keep me in pies, chutneys, jams and full fruit bowls in a few years' time.
On saturday morning as I walked to my car I spotted a single white blob on one of the stems. 

Apricot flower

I don't think I'll get many Apricots this year on this showing but for now this brief moment of Hanami on a bitterly cold winter's morn is reward enough from my orchard. 

That same morning my unseasonal Zantedeschia was attempting to tough it out and tropicalise a frozen pond.....


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