Monday, November 21, 2011

Beautiful bats, part II

Where were we? Oh yes. Under a sun shade in the Kruger national park looking at bats. Now the trick to looking at mammals this size is to really, really look at them. They have just as fascinating behaviours as the big ones do (if not more) but if you don't really, really pay attention you can miss things. Like a momentary opening of wings to reveal a hidden treasure....

EFB - baby snuggle

Once I'd spotted bub and realised that both it and mother were awake I knew that simply watching closely (I love my telephoto lens!)  would show me something. Sure enough baby was restless and it's hard to get comfortable when you're newborn, hanging upside down and mum is licking your wings clean. Sometimes a nice big stretch helps.....

EFB baby stretch

There followed much folding and unfolding of wings and the special kind of stationary fidgetting that my own mother and others from her place of birth refer to as "jiffling". Eventually however comfort was restored and a picture of perfect serenity emerged.
EFB baby snuggle 2

See, told you I could convince anyone bats can be cute!

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Floridacracker said...

Okay, the huge spider in the background creeps me out, but the bats are flat out CUTE!