Sunday, October 23, 2011

Home (from the range)

I'm back and here's a picture that should provide a massive clue as to where I've been for the many of you blessed with encyclopedic knowledge (but have not been following @twaihaku on twitter (seriously guys hop in - my follower count is brutal!)).

drakensberger and cattle egret

The clue is not the cattle egret, a bird which has been found on every continent save for Antarctica at this point, but the cattle. Long time followers will know I've a bit of a thing for rare or unusual native cattle breeds 

The clue is, as the encyclopedic ones amongst you may have picked up, that the cow is of a breed native to the region I went to; it's a Drakensberger and I think it's a rather handsome breed. Because it's a Drakensberger you'll be able to work out I was in South Africa and that hence spectacularness will hopefully follow.

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