Monday, October 03, 2011

Fruit-opia IV - pears

In the scrubby wild bit of garden my parents call willowsdown there is an upright pear tree. I think it may be the variety "Concorde" and it fruits magnificiently.

concorde3 (2)

Once again, fruit for us is a bonus - a few fruits for the wildlife to enjoy and the beauty of fruit trees moving through the seasons is reward enough. Happily there is usually plenty for us and them, unhappily it is rarely perfectly ripe. These pears sit on the tree hard as rocks and then suddenly lie on the floor. We have a fleeting window in which to pounce and seldom do so as successfully as we perhaps might.


Insert your own pear/pair puns below. \/


Another pear tree, squat and scrubby looking grows in our arboretum. This is an ancient local variety supposedly. We don't know its name, just that it is old and very local and someone cared enough to propagate a lot of plants of it to make sure it didn't disappear....and so we care enough to find space for it to sit squat and scrubby looking and it rewards us with fruit.

lincs pear

These do ripen, they are small, quite sweet but slightly floury. I supect they would be rather delicious cooked. They are also extremely prolific.

lincs pears windfall

We leave windfalls for the birds, bugs and rodents to enjoy. This tree is in line of sight of the owl box. The rodents feast under cover of dark at their own risk and the circle continues.

Edited to add: since this was drafted apparently a decent portion of the pears not on the ground became pear jam. Sweet!

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