Friday, October 07, 2011

Finally a yank vagrant...

My trip to Egypt proved to be poorly timed from a birding perspective. A chain of storms across the Atlantic dumped great birds all over the British Isles whilst I was away and our little island was no exception....and so I missed some cool birds (and hence you missed out on some rubbish photos).

And then in my first week back news surfaced of a pectoral sandpiper that was still around. I made plans for a week last saturday only to learn that the bird had been picked off by a domestic cat on the Friday afternoon. It was enraging. Whilst I was glad it was a vagrant lost to the gene pool and not a rare local bird, that was straw-clutching stuff. Who knew how long before we'd have another one of those to look at? As it turned out I had to wait a week as 2 more were found the following friday and on saturday I again ventured out - this time with success. Here's a rubbish photo. It's a couple of feet behind the topmost sleeping curlew.

Pecsand, curlew and godwit

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