Thursday, August 25, 2011

Present rifles!

One of the many avian highlights of breakfast at the world famous Cassowary House is the chance to see Victoria's Riflebird. Victoria’s Riflebird (known as Ptiloris victoriae to science and Duwuduwu to the aboriginal peoples of it's home range) is a bird of paradise species endemic to Queensland's Atherton Tablelands region. In short therefore I was expecting something unique and stunningly beautiful. Having not seen it on day 1 I was a little surprised therefore when this mid-sized black bird landed....

victorias riflebird3

Of course all is rarely as it seems and the bird turned to have a look at us revealing a spectacular metallic blue gorget pattern.

victoria's riflebird1

It promptly hopped up on to the veranda to partake of the morning's feed. Having decided to do so it promptly sang for it's supper and gave just a hint of how spectacular a sung display could be with a combination of gorget and gape.

victoria's riflebird2

Another spectacular bird, another spectacular Queensland experience.

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