Thursday, August 04, 2011

Chilli review - C. annum "Joe's Long Cayenne"

Joe's Long makes a reasonably tall upright plant pretty quickly. It's main feature is the production of very, very long Cayenne type pods. This is one of my non-potted on leftovers which for some reason did better than those that got looked after.


The long pods make this a pretty ornamental plant and a lot of people have talked about growing it as a novelty/ornamental rather than for flavour. I found the flavour to actually be pretty good - I've dried most of my pods and it has that slightly acrid cayenne heat. As annums go I like it.


 This is a haul for drying off 2 plants with a beer bottle top for scale. It's notable that the pods do tend to curl which takes the edge off their epic length a little. If one was so inclined tying them onto a rigid ruler or something to straighten them would probably produce a super pod. Whilst it may perhaps be less productive than other cayennes in terms on numbers of pods, the scale of each pod means the yield is pretty decent per plant.


I'm planning to keep growing this one, partly because I like it of itself and partly because I think it has some nice genetics for me to use in my own breeding.

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