Monday, July 04, 2011

Singapore Connections......

This week I'm running a series of posts from my stopover in Singapore a few weeks back. The idea is that each post will subtley interconnect with the preceding and following ones. Of couse if you go to singapore you have to eat in a hawker centre.


So pull up a stool for the week and have a couple of sticks of satay.


Or maybe some chicken rice. This is my favourite chicken rice in Singapore. Possibly because I lived a few yards down the road from it for 6 months.


One of the keys to good chicken rice is the chilli sauce. It's a mix of birdseye chillis, ginger, garlic and some other stuff. I've never been able to replicate it. The Big Bird's is one of the best chilli sauces and also one of the hottest.

After a few spoons of this one might say one would be breathing fire.......


Floridacracker said...

In the first picture, the sign says, "No Touting".

What is "Touting"?

The food looks great.

tai haku said...

I think touting in this sense is touting for business. There are a lot of stalls at each hawker centre many of which serve very similar dishes so you used to get a barrage of offers of "the best [insert dish]; this way!" and so on by associates of particular stalls. Now it seems a bit quieter although I think that rule is honoured more by the bending of it than the observance.