Thursday, July 21, 2011

Dragons of a Singapore lilypond

So a couple of weeks ago my Singapore connections week was largely dragon themed with flying dragon lizards, dragonfish in ponds and captive leafy sea dragons. I could've filled out the week with dragons if I'd wanted thanks in part to the Singapore Botanic Gardens lily-pond.

liliesPrime dragon habitat.

Below is dragon #1. This may be one of my favourite photos ever. Not sure why, I just love it.


I'm afraid I have no idea of the species.

I also have no idea of what dragon #2 is.

I'm thinking you were maybe expecting something more scaly, reptilian and menacing as a result of my use of the word dragon? Well there were a few of these swimming across or wandering around the pond as well.....


Will he do?


Julia said...

Nice! Especially the monitor, of course.

Floridacracker said...

Yes, he'll do just fine!

Sally said...

All three of them are fabulous-- lucky you!! What kind of monitor is he/she, do you know? (I was once acquainted with a Dumeril's and they're also lovely.)

tai haku said...

Thanks all.

Sally - it's an asian water monitor (V. salvator)