Friday, June 03, 2011


The rainforest of Queensland, Australia is truly primal country. It represents some of the last vestiges of the great forests of the now split super-continent of Gondwana. As a result it harbour some very old relic like species; primitive macropods, giant snakes and crocodiles, cycads and early conifers.....and something which might passably be considered a dinosaur.


Paleontologists love to point out that birds are basically evolved dinosaurs but lets be honest, sparrows and whatnot don't really cut the dino-mustard do they? The Southern Cassowary on the other hand. Well that looks properly dinosaurish.

Exotic head ornamentation? check
Flightless biped? check
"Killing" claw on toes? check
Enormous? check
Bizarre colour scheme? check

Yep. I'm pretty sure it's a dinosaur. It's also probably the "must-see" flagship species for naturalists visiting Queensland so  I was pretty pleased to get these by 10am on day 2.


More on these remarkable birds to come.....

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Sally said...

Awesome photos, Tai! They really make the point, don't they? Remind us to stay away from the business end of these dinos...

Thanks for sharing.