Friday, April 15, 2011

More goldfish genetics

In addition to the carp, I also picked up a few more goldfish for the pond from their hefty brood. I thought these were an interesting illustration of what happens when you keep a mix of common goldfish, comets and shubunkins in the same pond. 


The orange fish above is pretty typical of what you don't really want but will get a lot of (although if you're a goldfish breed puritan you're not gonna be amazingly pleased with any of the above!) It's orange, but kind of muddy and spotty and just a bit of a mess compared to the common goldfish. You really want your shubunkin types to be blue with bits of red on them not completely orange. The middle fish is better in this regard (though also far from perfect). Mixed red and white fish like the top one are pretty common too. I quite like to see these but I'm no purist.


Another cool side effect of adding shubunkins to the mix is that you sometimes get monotone fish with nacreous looking transparent scales like the whitish fish on the left. Again I think these are pretty cool. The purists may not agree but I'm pretty happy that these guys will add colour to the pond and make it look rather nice. In the meantime my own fry are starting to colour up, should be interesting.

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