Monday, April 04, 2011


I found this floating in my pond today. It is a drowned greater white toothed shrew. This photo is about twice life size as it appears on my screen.

IMG_1243Unfortunately my pond does not have very good exit points. I've tried to address this somewhat but obviously not successfully enough for such a tiny mammal to make good its escape. Hence a sad reminder more work is needed on this front by me and a useful pointer to bear in mind for any of you considering making a pond. Stuff needs to get out. Looking on the bright side as has been said many times sooner or later being a naturalist leads to corpses or crap and this at least shows that my grassy field and garden is home to a population of these brilliant little insectivorous mammals. I've considered some plans by which to get photos of a live one. Time will tell if I can pull this off.

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