Tuesday, March 01, 2011


My trip to LWC didn't just yield waterbirds and parrots. There were finches too. Ironically my visit took place on the same day the RSPB's Big Garden Birdwatch was taking place and this little fella looks like being a big mover in this year's results.


It's a siskin, a beautiful little finch which, like several other finches, is starting to hit up the nation's back gardens as bird feeding evolves from peanut towers to offer finch delicacies like nyjer and black sunflower seeds.


Rather pretty little chaps they are too, yet another of those birds you need to take a proper look at up close through optics to appreciate properly. Check out the delicate little streaks and those wingbars. Lurvely.

I'm sad to say I've yet to see one of these on our island never mind in my garden. I will continue to bring the finch seeds though and hopefully by next year's BGB one will have rocked up.

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