Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Ring neckeds revisited.

On my recent visit to the London Wetland Centre I obviously had to take a moment to catch up with some old friends. This was the first place I saw London's feral Ring-necked Parakeets. Since then they've spread a bit more and in recent years I've seen them whenever I've visited any of London's big parks and gardens. This one was pondering the mysteries of a squirrel(and  'keet)proof feeder and whilst doing so was beautifully backlit.

Whilst the bird below was sitting on a lighting bracket on the Peacock Tower. It and it's flockmates had the endearing habit of flying past the hide openings at the top of the tower at close range and high speed which is startling to say the least.

Notwithstanding their non-native status and potential future as agricultural and ecological pests it would take a cold heart not to get a kick out of them flying by on a winter's day.

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