Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Oyster Cat debacle.....

A couple of weeks ago I saw some "exotic mushroom" growkits on sale and decided to take a chance to try and grow the stunningly beautiful yellow oyster mushroom (Pleurotus cornucopioides). I figured it'd give me a good macro subject to play with and then I'd eat it so it'd be win-win (for me). Here's the pack which I think illustrates the beautiful 'shrooms I was shooting for:


On starting it it was pretty obvious the Mycellium was running pretty rampant through the substrate and activity started pretty quickly.


It continued with triffid like velocity...


...and by the time the photo below was taken I was actively salivating over the culinary and photographic prospects this beautiful mushroom presented.


At which point I came down the next morning to discover my kitten (Meriwether Lewis Huxley Haku aka Merry) had managed to open the door to the room in which they were kept and then eaten all the 'shooms. D'oh!


He doesn't even look apologetic does he? The pack is now resprouting and Merry permitting gorgeous macros and delicious tucker should be imminent.


Sally said...

He's a gorgeous cat, Tai, but those are gorgeous shrooms too-- hope you get some this time!

I like the "best trips" piece too!


I never would have thought that a cat would eat mushrooms.

tai haku said...

Neither would I Aydin. The worst part is, relaying the story to my parents, they both said "Oh yeah - a friend of ours says her cat loves mushrooms too" as though I should've been aware of this apparently well known cat trait.

Sally - thanks he is rather sweet most of the time and I can confirm there will be a more positive follow-up post soon.