Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Moray on the move....

So I mentioned in comments relating to the Honeycomb Moray post that I had video of the beastie and here it is.

There are quite a few interesting things to note in watching this little clip:
  1. As FC pointed out, the colouration of these honeycomb morays is a brilliant example of disruptive patterning and whilst its not so obvious in still shots, the video gives a better idea of how hard it is to follow these things (or at least keep track of the dangerous bits) as they move.
  2. Check out the little cleaner wrasse following it around, cleaner wrasse and shrimps and moray eels go together like apples and cinnamon.
  3. Note the videographer aggressively moving in on my critter and edging me out at the end of the clip. Don't be that guy. Be patient and wait for people to finish they're own shots with a critter and they will be appreciative of this and hook you up with more critters.

Minor gripes about dive etiquette aside, Gymnothorax favagineus is easily my favourite moray - it's just gorgeous, it also gets very, very big.

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Carol said...

Poor Moray! You kept a distance away out of respect but the other person was very aggressive and rude. It is a beautiful creature.