Sunday, January 30, 2011

Happy blogiversary to me! Tick!

Oops. I missed my own blogiversary again and it was a biggie this year. The first Earth, Wind & Water post was on Jan 6th 2006 - over 5 years ago! Ironically enough I spent sunday at one of the old stamping grounds that yielded a lot of the posts for those first few months, the excellent London Wetland Centre, and in doing so exorcised one of my blogging demons. Early that first winter of blogging I saw brilliantly a great bittern but absent the digiscoping gear to capture the moment failed to produce piccies for the blog. Since then I've chased bitterns a few times, seen all sorts of other cool herons, and even seen and posted a sunbittern, but no more bitterns. A year and 2 days ago I spent my birthday in a freezing cold hide listening to the evocative sound of a bittern booming 15 metres away but unable to see it. This winter I again missed a couple of bitterns on the island and it was becoming an irritant and so it was back to LWT where, I'm happy to say, the demon was finally slayed:


More to come (by which I mean more reflections on the past 5 years, more bittern photos and more blogging in the next 5 years).

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Floridacracker said...

Congrats!! Keep up the good work!