Monday, November 22, 2010

Fallen gold.

Sometimes plans go awry. The tree below is said to be the oldest Ginkgo biloba in the British Isles. I have no means to confirm that but it seems similar in size (slightly smaller perhaps but its not in such a favourable position) to the famous Kew specimen. The plan was to capture this spectacular specimen backlit with its leaves turning that spectacular shade of golden butter yellow almost unique to Ginkgo. Instead I got this:


You can see a few branches still clad in yellow but due to a week of high winds and a lack of timing on my part the yellow was now in the form of a carpet.

ginkgo leaves

Happily I can think of worse things to look at than a carpet of golden ginkgo leaves. Much more artistic as a floor covering than a shedload of toxic fake sunflower seeds.

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