Thursday, November 04, 2010

A boaring walk

One of the themes of my various travels (and hence, I think, of this blog) is that the supporting cast are often as (or sometimes more) interesting than the feature attractions. In Sri Lanka's Yala National Park the big features were leopard and elephant but there were plenty of smaller distractions too in the form of squirrels, deer and what not. Being in good country means even the walk to the hotel restaurant can be interesting.....

Quality's a bit off due to the low light levels but you get the idea (and no, I didn't have pork that night). These are the same species as the wild boar found across Eurasia (and as domestic pigs for that matter) but are of the subspecies affinis. Sus scrofa affinis is a smaller form of boar, the subspecific status of which has been questioned, but even so it looks pretty big looming at you out of the gloom at point blank range.

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