Thursday, October 21, 2010

Pied wagtail

It isn't just great tits and half-drowned robins I've got flying around the garden at the moment. A vast wave of pied wagtails seems to have hit the island over the last couple of weeks. I can see two flitting about the lawn as I write this and they are showing up on the beaches and car parks wherever I go. Which is nice because if you look closely they really are rather spectacular.


If the above patterning were on one of those American warblers we'd all be saying how lucky the americans are with their spectacular garden birds. I guess the grass is always greener underneath someone else's garden birds! More seriously though these really are beautiful birds and the cool thing is they are quite character-filled, relaxed and easy to watch. This isn't a beauty that tucks itself away in the bushes - it struts about in the open which is helpful.

pied wagtail

Hopefully these guys will stick around all winter to brighten the dark days ahead.....

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