Thursday, October 28, 2010

Cliffdwellers caught at last

There are two birds I've been hoping to see here on the island ever since I got here and by coincidence I got them both this weekend. Peregrine falcon and Raven both breed in tiny numbers (2 or 3 pairs) on our cliffs and not knowing where exactly they do this I had failed to catch up with them all year. Both are birds I totally expected to just fly over me one day and yet they kept not doing that which was a little irritating especially as I was seeing peregrine regularly in the caribbean and my dad seems to have been seeing them at will over the past couple of months. So yesterday when I was watching two marsh harriers floating over the reed beds at one of our reserves I was gratified to see something with more aggressive lines cruise past behind them.
[Note: brace yourself for bad record shots]


This one at least looks a bit peggish.


Filthy shots but at least I can say I've seen one here now. Then today as I walked a cliff path a pair of huge black birds flew past beneath me. I had a split second to react, recognise they were probably not carrion crows and go to guns for this [also appalling] record shot.


Now I can scrub these two off the to-do list and focus on other things like migrating passerines. Now I've seen them once of course I suspect they'll be overhead all the time now spooking those passerines but if so at least I'll have a shot at getting better shots.

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