Thursday, September 02, 2010

Coming out in hives,,,,,

So I've always loved keeping insects (sadly the cool phasmids preceded digicams and blogging - maybe next year.....) and inspired by a) a love of honey, b) various online sources including but not limited to the Birdchick and @neilhimself, c) a fascination with bees and bee accessories, d) the fact that beekeeping is the new rock and roll and e) ongoing dreams of a Candyman style vengeance on my adversaries (OK, d) and e) aren't genuine reasons) I've signed up to a beekeeping course. In spite of very high demand I think I've been accepted so I'm pretty excited by the thought that maybe by this time next year I'll be hived up. So I've been paying attention to the bees of late and was interested to see this hanging outside hotel reception in Sri Lanka....


It was surprisingly not noticed by a lot of guests stood underneath it. I guess this is how wild bees roll in Sri Lanka. Its much more preferable to how bees roll in Venezuela: a little more than a year ago I was under attack by a swarm of africanised "killer" bees!

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