Monday, August 16, 2010

Ready for my close-up

So a combination of getting used to my slightly altered camera rigs and difficult conditions meant I didn't get an enormous haul of underwater photos I want to share with you. I did get one or two though.


This is an uncropped fullframe shot of a particularly antsy moray eel. I hadn't realised I was quite this close until I reviewed the photos. I also have some video to come of this guy going through his repetoir. He was pretty entertaining.


Tony Wildish said...

wow, that is a fantastic photo!

I would not like to get that close to a black-cheeked moray myself, they're really bad-tempered. I've only dived in the maldives, and there they're known to be the only morays that will choose to bite people without provocation.

tai haku said...

yep - they are pretty rascally little characters. the video to come shows off that temper pretty well