Monday, August 30, 2010

Jolly Green Giant.

I'm certain I've thrown u[ images of big tropical katydids/grasshoppers in the past (although I can't seem to find any by searching) and given my recent trip you might suspect this is a big Sri Lankan bug. You'd be wrong though as it's a British native albeit one which was enjoying the tropical environment of my greenhouse and munching on the tropical fair that is my scotch bonnet plants.

great green bush cricket

This is the Great Green Bush Cricket a bug pretty much summed up by its common name. Although pretty rare in Britain (and restricted primarily to the south) they are found across much of Europe and the Middle East. They reach this size, breed and die in just 6 months so I gave this one a pass on the pepper vandalism.

On the topic of wildlife in the garden (and yes - I haven't forgotten I started a series of posts on wildlife hedging ages and ages ago), there is a great newish blog in town. Go check out, it's really rather good and I suspect it will go on to achieve interweb gardening greatness.


Floridacracker said...

MUNCHING scotch bonnet leaves ... she'd better be careful near the peppers!
Beautiful green!

tai haku said...

She was pushing her luck munching on the leaves! Deep fried grasshopper next time I think.