Friday, July 09, 2010

More auks

First up a horrible photo I share solely to keep you vaguely up to speed with my list of birds seen. A raft of razorbills and a sole guillemot.

razorbills and a guillemot

Razorbills are the less common of the 2 here hence this photo of them. Guillemots by contrast are, if you sail to the right rocks, plentiful:


Of course they need to mob up because they're only little and little birds have a tendency to attract big birds at rookeries at sea. Big birds like this greater black backed gull.


The last time we encountered the world's largest gull it was playing the role of slightly menacing but actually helpful seal midwife. If you're a guillemot though its just all menacing. They'll take chicks, eggs and can even pick off adults if they get a chance. This one is studiously pretending to ignore a rather perturbed group of Guillemots.

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