Monday, July 05, 2010

The bees are buzzin' in the tree.... make some honey for some dude who's not me. Gah. I have wanted bees for quite a while but it turns out beekeeping is "the new rock and roll" so everyone wants to do it which means places on beekeeping courses and access to bees here on the island is limited in the extreme. Hence the current situation finds me (and my work colleague who is similarly keen on giving apiary a bash) beeless whilst someone else's workers collect the fruit of my Ceanothus!


Just look at all the pollen in those pollen baskets. Thieving little so and so's!


I mean this is an outrage. Really. Luckily I've managed to deploy a team of blockers. Whilst the buff-tailed bumblebee worker below won't produce any honey for me at least that pollen won't form sweet gooey sugary goodness for anyone else to enjoy. Except, you know, bumblebee larvae and so forth.

bufftailed bumblebee1

This is the first time I've noticed pollen baskets on a bumble. Pretty impressive haul. Who knew Ceanothus kicked out so much pollen (besides obviously these guys)?


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