Wednesday, May 05, 2010

A parcel has arrived.

So I got a little parcel this morning from the Cycad Society seedbank. Sweet. I thought I'd throw some shots of everything up here before putting them in to germinate. If nothing else this should really illustrate the difference in size between some cycad species' seeds. Standard a4 pad by the way.....


For those of you unable to read my spidery writing (ie most of you) the species are (from the top) Cycas angulata, Zamia sp. "Jamaican Giant", Zamia amblyphyllida, Zamia porturicensis, Zamia sp. "New Providence" and Zamia sp. "Andros Island". The above list really gives an idea of the mixed up state of taxonomy of the Caribbean Zamia species. We've got real species in their but also a whole array of different forms identified solely by their locality. There are a number of Bahamian forms identified by island ("New Providence" and "Andros Island" for example) but there is also "Puerto Rican Brown Emergent" which is as the name suggests a Puerto Rican species/form/thing which produces brown emergent leaves.


.....and on sheet 2 we have Dioon holmgrenii, Zamia lucayana, Zamia sp. "Puerto Rico brown emergent" and Zamia standleyi. As you may have noticed some of them just couldn't wait for shipping to finish to commence germination - I'm a bit worried a couple may have rotted off as a result of starting in less than ideal conditions but as you should be able to see from the close-up below a few look alright.


Hopefully I'll end up with a few of each species so I can grow out a couple and trade the rest. Time will tell.

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Sally said...

Put me on the list! I'm so jealous, but I wouldn't have a clue how to get--or keep-- them going. Nice to see what the seeds look like, and amazing size range.

Would you take cash? :) (I have nothing to trade...)