Friday, April 23, 2010

'Ear, 'ear

So another wave of migrants arrived as I mentioned and one of the birds suddenly showing up all over the island was the northern wheatear. Wheatears are the sort of beautifully patterned bird that birders can usually find in the UK if they want to make the effort but which the general public may never see which is a shame as they are pretty spectacular.


The good thing about the island is that the whole island is pretty much made up of grazed agricultural fields of the kind on which lapwing, wheatear, curlew and plover can earn their crust. These are of course also the kind of fields in increasingly small supply throughout the mainland of the UK. The wheatears weren't just bobbing about in the fields though, they were also taking to the beaches.


Rather decorative looking in either environment I think you'll agree?

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Mel said...

We recently move to another city, Cusco, former capital on the Inca Empire... I wonder what kind of birds we'll see here (moved about 45 days ago!), we are about 3,400 meters above sea level :)