Monday, January 18, 2010

Plans for 2010

Having been trapped inside by the weather getting cabin-fever I've been thinking about the future a fair bit, specifically my nature-based plans for 2010. So I thought I'd share a little list of what I'm excited about:
  1. Herping. I'm in one of the world's worst places for herping. We have like 5 species or something (allegedly, I'm not convinced about 1 being extant). Which means it should be no trouble to find those species and properly document the local herpetofauna.....also I'm planning a couple of cheeky trips which whilst not herp-based or focused may well yield some really cool species.
  2. Small mammals. We do however have some very cool small mammals. Not sure quite how I'm going to photograph these though I have some ideas. Looking forward to seeing some cool furballs though.
  3. Terrestrial orchids. I'm in a good spot for the delicately beautiful european orchids so when the weather improves, photos should be good.
  4. Birds.....more specifically raptors. I have some projects in mind with 3 species in particular.
  5. Rockpooling. Its the new diving. Well its not but I am planning to unleash the 8 year old inside and do some serious rockpooling. If I say so myself I'm predicting very cool, very weird critters.
  6. Food. Access to a bountiful sea and fingers crossed a garden means I'm planning to dine on nature's bounty and I'll share the results (unless the mushrooming goes horribly wrong in which case the blog will most likely be silent).
Lets see how I've done on those 6 when December comes round.

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