Tuesday, January 05, 2010

FYI: 10,000 Birds Conservation Club is awesome!

So a while back the team at 10,000 Birds unleashed the 10,000 Birds Conservation Club on the world. I wanted to tell y'all about it then but no laptop meant no new blogging. Anyway now I'm back I thought I'd post a little something in case it had passed any of you by.


Basically US$25 gets you a twelve month membership. A twelve month membership gets you access to twelve months worth of competitions to win cool birding stuff like dvd's, books and who knows what else. By way of illustration I just won the Birds of the Western Palearctic and BBi dvds (which was pretty sweet). So far I've made joining the club sound rather like a sensible self-interested decision but better still, in addition to winning all that good stuff, your joining money will be used to fund worthy conservation projects helping endangered/critically endangered birds. More detail and all the important stuff can be found here. As a very satisfied member I recommend it!

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