Thursday, November 26, 2009

The windowsill primeval

So having just moved to a new island, I'm currently staying in rather cramped temporary accomodation whilst we find a house we want to live in fulltime (I'm pushing hard for something with a garden along the lines of Pure Florida HQ to little success). Nevertheless, I'm not going to starve myself of all the little luxuries in life. One has to have one's pets afterall. So below, sat on my little windowsill is a baby Bowenia spectabilis. This is the sibling species to Bowenia serrulata which we've featured before and is distinguished by its smooth-edged leaflets. It's a truly beautiful species which shares the Daintree rainforest with the giant Lepidozamia hopei as well as cassowaries and all sorts of other goodies.

bowenia spectabilis

That's the entirety of Bowenia and the Stangeriacaea family featured now by the way although there is a form called "tineroo" which is probably part of B. serrulata which I'll feature if I can and there are also 2 fossil species. The little Bowenia isn't alone though:

macrozamia communis

Above is a little Macrozamia communis or burrawang (which I hope will someday grow up to be a big burrawang and below....

dioon angustifolium a little Dioon angustifolium. Someday soon I'll show you what a big one of those looks like (its rather impressive).


Sally said...

Adorable babies! Did you grow them from seed??

tai haku said...

I didn't - I purchased these as seedlings. I'm planning on producing a few seedlings in the next year or so (all being well), but it will depend a little upon what seed is available next year.