Tuesday, November 03, 2009

What's going on

So the last few weeks' posts have been pretty scheduled and slightly lacking in spontaneity so I thought you all deserved a little update on what has actually been happening and what's (hopefully) going to happen. Well I'm now installed in my new little island and have been out and about. I've birded (and am up to 33 bird species on my new island list about which you'll hear more soon).It is cold and wet here and winter is firmly on its way - I'm loving the cold after so long in the heat but it has meant little is about especially in the way of non-birds. I also now have access to regular local bird information - I am no longer a lone birder in the wilderness, there are voices out there on the web telling me what is out there! I've also updated the cycad list page after the recent posts.

As for what's upcoming? Well there are a lot of things outstanding that I've been promising you all for a while now, those should all be online soonish including:
  1. the third of the Floridian mega-beasts (later this week);
  2. the story of what happened next to that baby Cyclura iguana;
  3. a few more cycads (including the completion(!) of a couple of genera) and other relict plants;
  4. mammals (I know; so rare on E, W & W) - I've had posts on some awesome south american mammals waiting for ages;
  5. sharks, turtles and flamingos - the last few days in the island were good for me;
  6. some fossils; and
  7. ongoing updates.

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