Friday, November 20, 2009

Ooops. Erm. Here's a sales pitch.

So there was supposed to be a very cool critter post today but I goofed so that is coming monday. Its big, its very rare and photos of it don't turn up anywhere very often. Be there.

In the meantime here's an opportunity to show off your nature-obsessive and find out what day of the week your birthday falls on next year:

I have just finished putting together a cycad calendar for next year featuring my favourite photos of 12 different species of cycad. The following species were selected to show as wide a range of colours, structures and shapes as possible; Macrozamia moorei, Microcycas calocoma, Zamia standleyi and amblyphyllidia, Encephalartos woodii, pterogonus, princeps and horridus, Dioon rzedowskii, Ceratozamia mexicana and kuesteriana and finally Cycas micronesica.

Each calendar is printed on demand by redbubble and so is a little more expensive than some other calendars but:
  1. I will donate all the money I receive from redbubble for sales of the calendar to the Cycad Society (about $3 a calendar); and
  2. the calendars are (if to the same standard as last year's) very good quality.
The calendar is available to buy now here. I hope a few of you may find it a worthy stockingfiller for that botany-geek you never know what to buy for with the xmas period approaching.