Tuesday, November 10, 2009

It wasn't just pythons you know.....

Of course my herping trip to the 'glades didn't just produce feral pythons. There was a feast of native american snakes to enjoy too. In honour of Stewie's recent escape and recovery, the first species I share has to be the corn, or rosy rat, snake:

2nd corn2

These guys are spectacularly beautiful as you can tell - just one of the reasons they are popular in the pet trade. These are usually a rather calm species but this particular little guy was rather aggressive - striking at us a couple of times.

2nd corn

These are typically arboreal snakes and apparently seem to be more common on the ground in the colder weather. They are also tremendously diverse in their coloration. I'm told a few of the connoisseurs rate the 'glades corns as among the prettiest. I don't disagree.


jason said...

Breathtaking! What a beautiful find. Certainly would rate as the prettiest corn snake in my book.

Lucy said...

Are they as bright in 'real' life as they are in the photos?

They look very striking.


tai haku said...

Lucy - they really are that bright - in fact I have shots of a couple of others which are brighter and more contrasty still (though perhaps not so pretty)