Sunday, October 18, 2009

Mm indeed

I feel like I owe you all a cycad and this is a beauty. A short stout caudex and beautiful super-fine leaves can only mean a Macrozamia sp.

macrozamia miquelii2

A number of Macrozamias have specific names beginning with "m" too and purely randomly those species tend to be my absolute favourites - Macrozamia macdonnelli, Macrozamia moorei and this species Macrozamia miquelii. M. miquelii is quite variable but always beautiful and grows alongside a number of other cycad species in its native Australia including Cycas and Bowenia sp. as well as other Macrozamias, its history is rather mixed taxonomically - a number of other species have been added to and subtracted from it over the years.

macrozamia miquelii6

Again this is a Macrozamia with a really primitive but ornamental look - the symmetry of the plant's arching leaves makes it look particularly beautiful in groves or grouped plantings and check out these cones!

macrozamia miquelii8

A big plant will produce several of these female cones (or male cones if its a male) at a time from around the base which makes it look particularly awesome.

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