Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Missing the tropics.....sort of.

Since Friday I've been in Chicago which is rather different climatically from the Caribbean as you probably know. 3 years in the islands leaves you with a wardrobe ill-equipped for this weather! I'm still enjoying some natural wonders though from the excellent collection at the maze like Field Museum (a few posts inspired by/related to that will be on the way soonish) to a few lifers in the parks like this white-throated sparrow.

white throated sparrow

Back to somewhere a little warmer on Wednesday so I'm looking forward to thawing out!


jason said...

Maybe the scuba gear would help keep you warm. Just offering a suggestion!

Great shot of the sparrow. I'm glad standing in the cold has offered some kind of reward.

Sally said...

These guys just turned up in our yard again over the weekend, moving in along with the cold weather. Aren't they great?