Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Listing: UK Mammals

The UK is famous for listing naturalists - its position and size makes it ideal for those seeking rare birds and willing to travel to see them. It is a twitcher's paradise. But some of us don't (or don't just) list birds. The UK is home to a surprising number of mammals and a growing number of naturalists are interested in getting a decent mammal list as well as birds, butterflies and odonata.


Whilst what is native to the UK is fairly obvious; there are also a surprising number of escapee populations and what is and isn't established can be a cause for confusion. As a result, a number of us have been discussing mammal listing on birdforum and I ended up putting together a BOU-style list of the UK's mammals.

bottlenose 2

This is far from definitive and is just based on my opinion of what is and isn't wild , domestic and/or established. The cetaceans on the list are those for which records are shown on Glaucus. The non-cetaceans consist of the natives and well-known introductions and reintroductions together with those vagrants and small established populations the birdforum posse know about. If you know of anything else that should be included please leave a comment. Click here to view the list!


Hugh said...

The list is very interesting. It's the sort of information that hopefully is making its way into university curricula, etc., here and there and everywhere. Great work!

Liz said...

Wow, I didn't know we had Chipmunks, when did they die out and why?

tai haku said...

Thanks Hugh - Liz, they didn't die out: they are new. Apparently they introduced themselves via the channel tunnel!