Sunday, September 13, 2009

Gripping views

I've found mangrove cuckoo to be rather a skulker and I know from the last time I featured one of these that others I thought I'd grip you all off with these shots!

mangrove cuckoo

I spotted this guy last week as I was driving and he was rather cooperative at least briefly.

mangrove cuckoo2

This was just one of the wildlife highlights of last week!


eileeninmd said...

Your Cuckoo is a very nice highlight. Sometimes I stop by your blog and noticed your great sighting.

jason said...

I think all cuckoos are skulkers. The two species known around these parts (yellow-billed and black-billed) spend all their time lurking about in shadows and dense foliage. Makes for a great photography challenge, though.

Your images are marvelous! I've rarely seen the mangrove cuckoo and have never photographed one--so I'm dancing in vicarious celebration of your great pictures. What a good turn of luck to have one be so cooperative.

Scott & Liz said...

I'm waiting for the Mangrove cuckoo to arrive here in the Lower Florida Keys this fall. It is my mission this year to get a pic. Stop by my blog to get a bit Keys style gardening. Glad I found another island gardener/ nature chaser.