Thursday, July 02, 2009

Two on the reef

I rather like these photos. This is a pair of sharknose gobies, Gobiosoma evelynae, from saturday's dive. I like these little chaps for a number of reasons.


I like Gobiosoma because when I was 9 and my parents got me my first tropical marine tank the first fish I got was a tiny little captive bred Gobiosoma which was a tremendous character. Gobiosoma are among the few marine fish species that can be categorised as "easy to breed" although for marines "easy" actually means pretty damn difficult. Still I like them because they at least give you a chance. I like them because they are cleaner fish and so if you sit still in front of them long enough there is a chance one will move over and start plucking at the hairs on your hand and I like them because they hang out in these cute couples like a pair of teenagers in a park. But that's not why I like these photos.


I like these photos because they are the ones I hurriedly took to make sure my strobe was working properly immediately before one of my friends proposed to another of my friends underwater with me trying to capture the moment. That's why I like these photos and that's just another reason why Gobiosoma evelynae will always make me smile whenever I see them.

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Floridacracker said...

Neat fish, neat moment.