Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Rhone Elasmobranchs

So I mentioned we saw some cool stuff on sunday's Rhone dives; two of the cooler items were cartilaginous fish or elasmobranchs. First up; the biggest nurse shark I've ever seen. This big old girl was sat under the bow of the wreck itself.


Unfortunately conditions under there weren't optimal for photography so I only got these two shots as she moved off. She doesn't look it but she's considerably bigger than the divers - her head was close in width to my shoulders!


Once she decided to do one, we worked through the wreck and at the other end was this southern stingray sat out on the sand. Compositionally this isn't what I wanted but the current was too strong to fight against whilst looking backwards to compose a photo.


This was taken with the fisheye on hence the curvature of the earth effect - the ray was easily 3 feet across although this makes it look smaller.

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