Monday, June 08, 2009

The last of the pigeons

Not literally - there are still loads - but this white-winged dove represents the last of the species I see regularly here to feature on the blog. Interestingly this species wasn't recorded here by a lot of surveys/bird lists for the region utterly confusing visiting birders who saw them regularly.

whitewinged dove

I found this species difficult to pick out at first but it really helped to see this species alongside our other common dove (the Zenaida dove). Once you do; the differences between the two are glaringly obvious and you start to see them everywhere. The slencer form make WW doves a little more graceful than the Zenaida dove but their choice in blue eyeshadow? Not so much.

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Neil said...

But, is she singing a song that sound like she's singing "ooo, ooo ooo"?