Sunday, May 24, 2009


So I hadn't planned a post today but I wanted to flag that next week will be Venezuela raptor themed so all 5 days will throw up some cool shots of Venezuelan birds of prey. I'm really pleased with some of the shots you'll see this week. Then I came across this little skink and thought I'd share a few photos since I don't think I have put good ones of this species up thus far. It is a slipperyback skink, Mabuya sloanii.


These are fairly widespread in the caribbean although we also have a closely related endemic species here which is extremely restricted in its range. Check out those pretty little hands.


Since its been all venezuela since I got back you may well ask what else have I seen since my return? A snake, a stingray with a huge bite out of it and a leopard flatworm have been about the extent of the interesting developments. I also finished my divemaster course yesterday notwithstanding that I got distracted in the middle of my timed swim by a school of reef squid (the perils of having a curious mind). Anyway pop back for the first of the raptors.

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jason said...

Beautiful skink. I love these little critters.