Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Tree of Life

One thing I've found myself doing more and more of late is videoing stuff using my digicam to share with you all. As soon as I saw this cool tree outside our hotel room in Guana I knew it was video time - its the only real way to share the full intensity of small bird life working the flowers...

In addition to the Bananaquits working the flowers you can see both Guana's native hummers*; the Antillean Crested Hummingbird and Green-throated Carib. The ACH is the first hummer to appear - the little one with the awesome quiff. The Carib (in a fairly typical bit of behaviour) is the bigger bird that drives the ACH off. You can also hear pearly-eyed Thrasher in the background at some point I think.

By the way I've started using youtube for the video posts and my youtube channel can be found here.

*Their extensive ringing programme also gets Antillean Mango once in a blue moon but the northward spreading Caribs have pretty much overtaken these to the point of extinction in this region.

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flowergirl said...

That's nice! Seeing hummingbirds in trees is much more enjoyable than seeing them on feeders, I think!! since we dont have any of them here, this was a treat.