Thursday, March 05, 2009

bananaquit gymnastics

So I mentioned on Tuesday that we had several hundred bananaquits acting as our alarm clock this weekend. Why? Well this tree was in flower next to our beautiful accommodation and every morning bananaquits, caribs and antillean crested hummers would descend upon it for a morning sugar rush.


Of course when you're a nectar feeder that can't hover like those fancy-dan hummingbirds you find yourself getting in some positions you might not otherwise get into.


It was really cool to watch all this from our balcony with a beer but that's not all we saw from there - there's much more exciting sightings of unbelievably rare animals to come from me - but my fiancee saw a pair of humpback whales swimming by the coast at long range on our first day (gripped? I was).

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